Stein Aerts

Scientific Career

- Associate Professor University of Leuven since '14
- Group Leader, Laboratory of Computational Biology since '09
- Tenure Track Assistant Professor University of Leuven '09-'14 
- FWO Postdoc VIB, Laboratory of Neurogenetics, Leuven '04-'09 
- Visiting postdoc Institute for Developmental Biology Marseille Luminy, France (IBDML) '06 
- PhD: Department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT), Bioinformatics Research Group, KULeuven '04 
- IT/Bioinformatics specialist in Pharma & Biotech industry (Janssen Pharmaceutica & Data4S) '99-'01 
- MSc Biological Engineering (KULeuven ‘99) and MSc Applied Computer Science (VUB ’01) a


Research Interests

We are interested in decoding the genomic regulatory code and understanding how genomic regulatory programs drive dynamic changes in cellular states, both in development and in cancer. As model systems we use Drosophila as well as human cancer samples and cancer cell cultures. As main technologies we use RNA-seq for transcriptomics and ATAC-seq, FAIRE-seq, and ChIP-seq for epigenomic profiling. The main bioinformatics methods we have developed include TOUCAN, ENDEAVOUR, iRegulon and i-cisTarget.